Planning and designing events can be pretty daunting. How do we as Event Designers delve into a specific design concept and bring out all the elements that speak to that theme, and still make it unique? How do we create memorable concepts in the event space that will blow the minds of the guests? For each event, we at Pretty Posh Events,get to know our clients thoroughly. We get to understand their personalities, their style, what they expect from this event and we simply aim to over deliver. We endeavor to come up with extra ordinary design concepts in order to stand out in a very saturated market. From the location choice, color scheme, invitations, floor plans, peripheral decor, tabletop decor, we ensure that every element tells a part of the overall design story. However, it is key is to have at least one design statement piece in the event space, the WOW factor that will define the event.

Defining your statement piece or pieces in any event is key to creating your WOW factors.

Your statement piece or pieces have to be obvious and strategically positioned in your design. It could be an over the top head table, a stunning tablescape, an amazingly designed dance floor or a creative and colorful balloon installation. Guests should automatically be drawn to it and it should become a conversation piece in that room.

Sometimes that statement can be experiential. Examples are a surprise musical performance, a carefully selected multi course dinner, including delectable and thematically designed desserts, a mind blowing lighting design concept, just to name a few. For each event we continue to explore concepts for our statement pieces, we endeavor to push the limits and ensure that are clients and their guests are blow away!

“Design is a way of life, a point of life.”

Paul Rand

Tailored Events for the Stylish Client!

We are Event Planners, Floral and Event Designers with a penchant for gorgeous, perfectly styled and flawlessly executed events. Each production is clean, chic and timeless. We cannot wait to define every aspect of your celebration, to continue to create statement pieces across the board and ensure your minds are blown. We are waiting to hear from you!

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